Sharevision: Solutions for Progress

About Sharevision Inc.

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The purpose of Sharevision, Inc. is to teach communication skills that affirm, improve and sustain relationships. We work with individuals, families, groups and organizations to help identify their goals and develop the strengths and support necessary to achieve them.

We are committed to helping community members learn how to be more creative within the context of relationships; how to become both a participant and observer within difficulties encountered; and how to deal with these in a more collaborative, perceptive and just fashion. We emphasize learning specific skills immediately applicable to managing the stresses and dilemmas people face every day. We can help you learn how to apply your imagination to practical situations; and change how you communicate with those around you to sustain more satisfying relationships at home, work and in community life.

We believe that our capacity to be creative in collaboration with others is one of the most powerful resources we have to transform difficult situations into opportunities for growth. Yet, when we are overwhelmed by situations we feel we cannot resolve, we can lose this capacity, reacting, instead of responding reflectively, narrowing our range of behavior. We can isolate ourselves from others; our emotions tend to take over as we discover that old solutions no longer work. The Sharevision process is a tool that helps individuals connect with others in a supportive group format. Generating multiple ideas about the challenges we face from diverse perspectives helps us break free from replicating our usual patterns. Practicing new ways of relating collaboratively leads us to make innovative, personally satisfying and sustainable changes.