Sharevision: Solutions for Progress

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Who we are

Since 1987, the people behind Sharevision have been integrating the arts into their community work as mediators, licensed counselors, personal and professional life coaches and consultants for organizations. At Sharevision, we help people build the internal resources and external connections to successfully respond to a myriad of challenges.

Our vision is that all people have opportunities to experience the enrichment of meaningful and respectful conversations and human connections that give rise to fulfilled potential and creative solutions for ourselves, each other and the world.

In a nutshell…

The originators of the Sharevision Model for collaborative-reflection formed a business, Sharevision, Inc. to provide a home base for the Family Counseling Center and to teach others worldwide how to use the Sharevision collaborative-reflective process in many areas of their lives.

Sharevision Inc. is a Family Counseling Center and Educational Consulting Group based in Hadley, MA. Our licensed counselors provide the highest quality counseling to individuals, couples, families and groups. Our educational consultants teach the Sharevision practice in schools, health care facilities, non-profit organizations, businesses, government agencies.

The Sharevision Model provides a group meeting format developed in response to the need to create supportive and more productive relationships among colleagues involved in extremely challenging work. Sharevision collaborative-reflective meetings create an opportunity to practice equitable ways of relating in a joint effort to build resilience and generate new ideas.

Communal Inventiveness

One of the exciting aspects of participating in Sharevision is the opportunity to practice presenting yourself on significant topics in a small group. The structure guides participants in equitable non-hierarchical conversations to create a supportive rather than adversarial or competitive environment. Those new to the Sharevision process might experience the time constraints in the format initially challenging. With practice participants learn how to get to the point more efficiently and more possibilities are generated.

As ideas are shared they build on one another. New potential emerges that no one person could imagine on their own. In the original form of the Sharevision process there is no pressure to conform or agree on one best way to approach a question, dilemma or situation. Instead participants are encouraged to let different threads steep in their minds during and after the meetings. Each member takes from the exchange and applies the information and inspiration gained. Groups which form around particular needs often meet regularly and participants experience multiple benefits.

The experience of idea building in the deliberately non-hierarchical Sharevision collaborative format has been described as “transformative exchange” (Thompson, 2013). Sharevision group participants have reported that having the time to exchange viewpoints with others and ask for input, be heard while listening to others was transformative in their work and personal lives. We encourage Sharevision enthusiasts to show leadership as champions for equitable communication in the groups they form.

Bring Sharevision to your community, workplace and life!

Expand your Sharevision experience. Enjoy new opportunities for professional growth as you build collaborative teams. You may be interested in becoming a Sharevision Practitioner or Facilitator. Our Leadership training programs offer flexible ways to become certified in Sharevision.